Super You

The Super YOU is a false idealized image you think you have to be in order to be loved and accepted:~
The inner program says that no one will love you if they get to know the real you  – therefor you never admit to experiencing certain feelings?

When we go into denial it is a process of subtle resistance and what you resist persists, most often getting worse as time goes by. These incessant rejected feelings that you are not allowed to feel or admit leads to overwhelm anxiety and panic>>>

Consider that there are no such as good feelings or bad feelings – Feelings are just Feelings!

Dr David R Hawkins writes:- “Feelings come and go, eventually you realize that you are not your feelings, but the real you is merely witnessing them”

Let’s too observe your relationship with right and wrong:

The futuristic way: Someday I’ll get it right…
Someday it will feel right and then I can relax and enjoy my LIFE.
BUT in the meantime escape is a good option? Escape in the form of some self-destructing and limiting choices to exacerbate the intensity of the all-encompassing sinking feeling.
Look at how much non okayness and self-contempt you level against yourself when you assume the worst? CAUSE you assume a lot!
Perceived failures;
Shortcomings? Inadequate insignificance;

Do not know what to do?
What is wrong with me?
You tick boxes all day long…

Please become aware that anger is also a form of communication, what matters most is your appropriate use of anger so it does not fester and become uncontested resentments...

Especially so with this real false image of SUPER YOU who must never feel such and certainly not express any feelings of anger – you are creating the ideal set up for emotional wreckage and depression>>>

How does it feel to share your space – Your environment: Your LIFE with someone that is glum – quiet – sulking! Not available… unwilling?

A “LOOK how NOT ANGRY I am” – person

Most certainly it is an inconsiderate cold presence sustained so the horrible distance and solemn silence can get them their own way?

There is a “heavy LID” on a lot of deep and intense stuff we hold inside – doing a slow burn, smoldering – creating a deep longing and a sense to escape from the inability to change or heal the discomfort;

This is why the SUPER YOU is constantly seeking for Super HAPPY.

Important to note is that the word happiness has its roots in happenings. Happiness depends on happenings, on what is happening to you, externally…prevailing circumstances… the LIFE conditions being lived  by you. 

Yet ALL are Externals – You NOW need to find the calm INNER EYE in the midst of THE STORM…

No SUPER YOU is required…

LOOK – did you notice that hAPPy is an APP – it is in our English language – contained in the word! That is TRUTH right there! APPs must be applied – utilized – downloaded – installed…

Download and install the HAPPY app and dispose of the need for a SUPER YOU...

BE the CALM in the centre of the storm - 
THE INNER EYE - Relaxed – @ Peace – BEING YOU – simple and effortless
You are not your feelings – it is that simple!

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