Let Me Be Your Teacher

The services and support on offer are facilitated by Charlotte Spirydonova, scholar of Human Consciousness for the past 25 years. Charlotte is finalising her PHD in Metaphysics through a university in the United States of America. She dedicates her life to the personal, continued support and investment in remembering who you are – beyond what you have become…

Working independently, the life changing experiences offered and shared are authentic and unique. They are neither derived nor offered under the umbrella of another individual or organization. This awareness is achieved beyond the level of belief systems or dogma.

With a wide knowledge of complementary health care practices, various and varied modalities, intuitive life coaching, metaphysics, spiral dynamics etc; the approach and application offer tangible and witnessed results - evident in the hundreds of hand written personal testimonials we have on record.

Here, each individual is a Sacred Space and the experiences and services we deliver create a harmonic way of living life by rising above and defeating limitations, self-imposed barriers, reservations and fears. We offer the opportunity and freedom to express the greatness and magnificence residing in us all! An awakening of your true potential! The focus of the services and support is to bring each person who participates the opportunity to experience beyond the level of cognitive understanding of the authentic-self. We create an environment within which Personal Truth finds YOU!

Tools are provided to support you in the way you experience life, and the way you conduct your relationships - especially the relationship you have with yourself: the way that you feel, the way you see, the way that you experience - and manner in which you create the reality that you live every moment! The awareness of, the application of, and the use of the tools and techniques that we offer not only supports you – but supports the highest good of others as well.

We deliver potential for you to create results in your life that are long lasting, with a long-term time frame. We offer the opportunity for you to change your consciousness - the opportunity for you to choose to review thoughts, patterns, and behaviour.


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